Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Busy but Exciting Week in The Giraffe Class!

Aside from our play, this was a BUSY week in the giraffe class!One of our favorite parts of the week involved preparing for our Volunteer Appreciation Celebration! 

We have been so lucky to have many different parent volunteers helping us out in the giraffe class this year, and we wanted all of you to know how much we appreciate your "thyme" :)

All of the second graders worked together to recite an acrostic poem about volunteers, but our favorite part of the assembly was 4th grade's groovy new song! 

We also got to get outside this week to plant some swiss chard seeds in the garden as well as plant some great new books in our brand-new Little Free Library as part of #GKP17! Not only did we fill the library with lots of awesome garden books, but we also filled it with bookmarks filled with fun, positive messages. 

We got to share these books with our 5th grade buddies on Friday afternoon!

Another little buddy hopped on by to join us :) can you see him camouflaged in the tree bark?

We also got to read our letters from our #GKP17 buddies in New Jersey! We learned so many cool and interesting facts about them, and it turns out we have even more in common than we thought!

We especially loved their silly stickers and awesome illustrations! 

Lastly, in math, we got to have some fun with pattern blocks as we jumped into fractions! 

If the hexagon is one whole, then each trapezoid is a half, each rhombus is a third, and each triangle is a sixth!

In this design, each equal part is a rhombus. One rhombus is a seventh.

In this design, each hexagon is a sixth

In this giant rhombus, each tiny rhombus is a sixteenth! 

We also got to explore fractions with a fun new game we learned called the line game! First, players work together to make an array of dots--it can be 3x3 or larger! Then, each player takes turns connecting the dots with one line. The goal is to complete a box. If you complete a box on your turn, you write your first initial in the box and then you get another turn. Once all of the dots have been connected and all of the boxes are complete, players count their total number of boxes in the array (denominator) and then count the number of boxes they scored (numerator). The person with the biggest fraction wins!! 

This is an AWESOME game to play on a road trip or on a rainy day at home-- all you need is a piece of paper or a whiteboard and a writing tool :)

While our days will continue to be busy in the weeks ahead, the fun has just begun!

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