Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sidewalk Shelebration 2017

On Wednesday, the giraffes celebrated the end of our poetry writing unit with a Sidewalk Shelebration, where we shared our poems with our friends and family by writing them "where the sidewalk ends"! 

During our unit, we learned about lots of different kinds of poetry and were inspired by reading the work of a large variety of poets. One of the biggest lessons we learned from our mentor poets was that poems are written to make the reader feel a certain way--some poems are written to make someone laugh, smile, relax, or help them understand feelings of sadness or anger. Each of us wrote lots and lots of poems during this unit, including one poem about a member of our classroom. We chose two more poems we had written to edit, revise, and illustrate and we put all of these poems into a class book of poetry. In addition to publishing our poems on the sidewalk, each of the giraffes also took home a copy of our class poetry book. 

After we finished publishing our poems, a few giraffes also chose to read their poems aloud! 

It was so wonderful to have the chance to celebrate all of our hard work with our friends and family. We are excited to celebrate another second grade milestone next week when we perform our brand new play for our SMS friends and family! 

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