Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mega Measurements

This week, we took our measuring to a whole new level! We went outside Wednesday afternoon to measure our FIELD!

We began the process of measuring the field by attaching a piece of string to the fence by the playground. Afterwards, each of the giraffes took turns unraveling the string as we walked across towards the trees on the other side. Once we reached the trees, we cut the string and then cut our giant string into smaller pieces for each of the giraffes to measure in the classroom.

Once we got inside, we lined up the top of our strings with the top of a ruler and wrapped the string around, counting two feet for every full loop around. If  our string wasn't exactly a certain length, we rounded up or down to the nearest foot. After we measured our strings, we added our lengths together with the lengths of our table mates. 

Once every table added their measurements together, we worked together as a class to add those numbers together. We looked at the ones place first and looked for doubles facts and tens facts that would help us add all of those numbers together. Once we carried over to the tens place, we did the same. 

We discovered that our field is about 305 ft long from the fence to the trees, which is 5 ft. longer than a football field! We had fun combining our measuring skills with our adding skills to get the job done :)

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