Saturday, May 13, 2017

Kindness "Hot Seat"

We have been able to connect with lots of amazing classrooms thanks to The Global Kind Project. One of the classrooms we've connected with shared this amazing video they made of their "hot seat" kindness project, where one student sat in a chair facing away from the white board while everyone else in the class wrote something kind for them on the board:

We loved watching Ms. Hayes' class so much that we decided we wanted to try out this project in the giraffe class! Every day, we would put a few giraffes in the "hot seat" while the rest of us thought of kind messages to share with them on the board. Here are the results:

We put our experience together into a video, just like Ms. Hayes did with her students! We are going to share the video at the SMS MakerFest this Thursday (May 18th) and hopefully we can inspire some other classrooms to do this amazing project, too! If you can't make it to the MakerFest, you can check out our video right here:

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