Thursday, April 6, 2017

Fairy Tale Preparation

There were lots of different projects the giraffes were working on as part of our Fairy Tale Wax Museum:

One of our projects was working together as a class to make a castle out of different 2D and 3D Shapes! We added QR code windows to our castle that scan to retellings of our favorite fairy tales that we recorded ourselves (the same videos are available on our Readbox!)

Before we hung up our completed posters, we worked on our measuring skills to measure the height and width of our fairy tale characters!

It was also really fun setting up the room :)

One of our writing projects during this unit was creating a scrapbook as our character, which included pages about our favorite foods, hobbies, our house, as well as a look at our hopes and dreams and our family and friends. Can you guess who these pages belong to?


We also created some great Who Am I? books where we wrote 6 clues about ourselves and a small picture of us followed by an acrostic poem and a full-sized portrait

We hope everyone enjoys the Wax Museum! We are excited to put our learning on display and celebrate with our friends and family :)

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