Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Solving Number Stories

In math, we've been working on all sorts of methods for solving equations and number stories involving double digits! While we can always rely on our number grid to help us, here are a few of the methods we've been practicing this week:

Open Number Line

This strategy can be used with any equation or number story! Even when we have a chart to help us organize our numbers, we can always use an open number line to solve problems with more than one place value. 

Start Change End 
The Start Change End Chart is very helpful when dealing with number stories that involve discovering the difference between 2 numbers. This chart is a great tool to use with problems involving changes in temperature or figuring out change with money. 

Part Part Whole (or Total)

The Part Part Whole (or Total) Chart is helpful when trying to find the sum of two objects or when one is trying to find the missing part of a sum. It is helpful with number stories that ask you to find the missing sum or to find the total cost of two objects. 

We will continue to use these tools and strategies to help us solve double digit equations and number stories as we move forward! 

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