Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from the Giraffes! We enjoyed all sorts of Valentine's Day fun with crafts, stories, experiments, and celebrations. 

After reader's workshop, we decorated our bags for our valentines! 

We then tried the Dancing Hearts experiment, where we added candy hearts to water and seltzer and compared the results

We predicted the candy hearts would be able to "dance" inside of the seltzer because of the bubbles that were attaching to the sides of the candies. We waited and waited until--nothing happened! We were very surprised by our results, but we are going to give the experiment another try next week with some different kinds of seltzer :)

That afternoon, we celebrated with some treats while we passed out our valentines. After opening our sweet cards from our friends, we played some games before we headed off to library!

We also sent home the Valentine craft we made last week at Friday Centers using oil pastels for those we hold close to our hearts:

Thank you to everyone who helped to make our Valentine's Day celebrations so special, and thank you for the love you give to us each and every day.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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