Monday, February 6, 2017

100 Days of Learning and Fun!

The Giraffe Class is officially 100 days smarter! Today, we celebrated our 100th Day of Second Grade with lots of fun activities involving our favorite 3-digit number :) 

Our 100th Day Letter Project looks amazing out in our hallway! The giraffes got so creative with their letters, and our second and first grade hallway neighbors have really enjoyed stopping by and checking out our display

Throughout the day, we got to go in and out of our 100th day portal while we did lots of activities with the number 100.

After reading, we tried doing lots of things in 100 seconds. First, we estimated how many times we'd be able to do each activity in that time, and then we recorded our actual results. We clapped, stood up and sat down, wrote our names, said the ABCs, blinked, and hopped all around! We also wrote 100 adding facts and 100 subtracting facts that equaled 100 and did some writing about what we would like to buy if we had $100--puppies, mansions, and pokemon cards were all very popular choices 

One of our MOST favorite (and silliest!) activities of the day was turning ourselves into 100 year-olds! Do you recognize these senior citizens?

Even Ms. Riley and Mrs. Zampini became a bit older and wiser!

We had so much fun celebrating 100 Days of Learning and Fun in the Giraffe Class! Here's to many more days of amazing second grade adventures :)

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