Friday, January 20, 2017

Exploring Matter

Over the last few weeks, we began learning all about matter: solids, liquids, and gases

Last week we began our exploration with a Science Talk about Matter. After we talked about what we knew and came up with a list of questions we wanted to explore, we were able to do some exploring with shaving cream!

While we were having fun with our shaving cream, we were using our knowledge of matter to try and determine whether it was a solid, liquid, or a gas. 

Even though the shaving cream held its shape like a solid, we decided it was either a gas or a liquid because it disappeared after we worked with it for a while. It turns out both our liquid and gas guessers were correct: shaving cream is a liquid soap filled with lots and lots of tiny gas bubbles to help it hold its shape! 

This week, we had a science talk about another matter concept: dissolving vs. melting. We agreed that dissolving was when a solid became a liquid after being in a liquid, and melting happened when a solid was exposed to heat. We tried out a dissolving experiment with M & Ms, and we made predictions about how the M &M would dissolve in the water. 

We left our M & Ms in the water while we went out to recess and lunch, and when we returned we discovered the color was gone but the candy coating and chocolate were still there!

We chose 4 different colors to keep on the windowsill overnight to see if they would dissolve. When we checked them on Friday, the candy coating had dissolved but the chocolate was still a solid. We decided to leave the cups over the weekend to see what would happen with the chocolate. Do you think it will dissolve??

We will continue exploring matter over the next several weeks, and soon we will even have the opportunity to visit the other second grade classrooms for weekly matter experiments!

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