Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Community Day 2016

On Tuesday, we celebrated all the learning we've done about our Community of Stratham by turning each of the second grade classrooms into an important part of our community. We transformed 2R into the post office, while other classrooms became the SPCA, Scamman Farm, the first one-room school house, and the Stratham Police Station.

We turned our classroom into the library because Ms. Riley's grandfather used to be a mailman in Worcester for over 30 years! Here he is with his mail truck back in the 1960s:

The Dragonflies, Falcons, Kangaroos, and Owls all got to see the 2R Mail Room, where they got to write and address letters to some of their favorite teachers at SMS! When the giraffes returned from traveling to the other parts of our community, we sorted all of the mail and delivered it to some very happy teachers and staff members :)

The giraffes also took some photos in their travels as well so they could share what they learned in other classrooms! here are some of the photos they wanted to share with you:

"We got to look at stuffy pets the Owls brought in and file paperwork to apply to adopt them"

"Mr. Saltus taught us some of the crazy rules they had back in olden times at the one room school house. I'm glad I go to school today!"

"We got to make ID cards in Ms. Donlon's class. Her dad was a cop!"

We had so much fun exploring our community with all of second grade, and we are so lucky to live in our amazing little town of Stratham!

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