Sunday, November 13, 2016

Math Madness

For the last several weeks in math, we have been learning lots of strategies for adding and subtracting numbers. Fact families have played a huge part in our learning, so we created some fact family turkeys to decorate our classroom! 

In addition to using fact families to help us solve various adding and subtracting problems, we've also learned about and used these strategies to help our math brains:

  • Tens Helper facts (if I know 8+2=10, I know 8+3=11)
  • Doubles Helper Facts (If I know 6+6=12, 6+7=13)
  • Counting up on a Number Grid
  • Counting Back on a Number Grid
  • Using a Number Line
  • Using Base-10 Blocks
To practice these skills at home, students can play all the quizzes and games under the G and H sections of Second Grade IXL. For a challenge, students can also try out the games under the I and J sections! 

We've also learned how to play some great math games, which can also be played at home using the numbered cards in a card deck!

  • The Penny Difference Game
  • Salute!
  • The Number Grid Difference Game
  • Addition and Subtraction Top-It

All of these games involve a lot of luck to win, but they build awesome math skills while having fun!

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