Sunday, November 6, 2016

Knuffle Bunny Project

Knuffle Bunny Project: A Look at Stratham

Did you know that author Mo Willems used real pictures from his community in his illustrations for his book Knuffle Bunny? He took real black and white photos from his neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY to use in his story!

Since we too are learning about our own community and what we can do to support it, we are going to make our own Knuffle Bunny-inspired illustrations of our town of Stratham. Please take a photo of any place in our town where you spend lots of your time. It could be a photo outside of our school, Stratham Hill Park, The Wiggin Memorial Library, or even right in your own neighborhood! Please e-mail these photos to Ms. Riley ( by  Monday, November 14th. We will print out our photos and make our illustrations at school!

*If you are able to make your photos black and white before sending them, it would be much appreciated. No worries if you cannot, we can certainly help!

We will be talking more about this project on Monday in class, and we will add our characters and write about our photos once we receive all of our pictures. Want to see some examples of student work in the past? Click here!

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