Monday, November 7, 2016

Incognito Turkeys

Dear Families,

It’s time to have fun creating a very unusual bird. As a family, disguise Tom or Tina Turkey so that he or she won’t be eaten for Thanksgiving! You may choose to dress your turkey as a doctor, farmer, princess, peacock, police officer---the possibilities are endless! Use any & all materials you have at home (bright colors, scrap paper, cotton balls, feathers, buttons, and scraps of fabric all make great disguises!) Please help us save these turkeys!! Your Tom or Tina Turkey in disguise is due back by Monday, Nov. 14th.  You may send your turkey back early if you would like. When your turkey is incognito, he or she can ‘hide out’ in our classroom!
Happy Turkey Dressing,

Ms. Riley

Here are a few of the turkeys we made last year!

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