Sunday, November 6, 2016

Casting our Vote!

On Friday, Mrs. Barney came to help us with our first Friday Centers! This week, our centers revolved around our civic duties--while we are not old enough to vote on Tuesday, we did vote in NHPTV's Mock Election! We've been learning about the process of voting, so before we began we read the very silly story Duck for President

After reading the story, we got to work. First, we filled out our voter registration cards with our names, birthday, town, and state. We were all in the Giraffe Class ward :) 

Then, we went into the voting booths for privacy and made our choices. We voted for President, Governor, U.S Senate, and U.S House of Representatives. 

Afterwards, we submitted out ballots and got a VOTE coloring page. At our next center, we got to make cards for Veterans that will be delivered to the Pease Greeters to distribute to soldiers and veterans for Veteran's Day--our first act as community helpers!

At the end of the day, Ms. Riley tallied up our votes, and the following candidates won or tied in their race:

Hillary Clinton for President
Colin Van Ostern for Governor
Maggie Hassan and Kelly Ayotte for U.S Senate
Carol Shea Porter and Frank Guinta for U.S House of Representatives*

*it should be noted there was almost a three-way tie with these two candidates and Independent Shawn O'Connor because many of us believed him to be Mrs. O'Connor's son :) 

In the overall state results for the mock election, Hillary Clinton still had the majority of votes for president, but Chris Sununu had the most votes for governor, Maggie Hassan had the most votes for U.S. Senate, and Frank Guinta had the most votes for U.S House of Representatives. We are eager to see how our results will compare to the results of Tuesday's election! 

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