Friday, October 14, 2016

Mystery Skype With Our GRA Buddies!

All week long, we've been keeping track of all the silly words we've been hearing The BFG says as well as checking in with our friends on Twitter. On Friday, we did some BFG math and we also got to skype with some of our Global Read Aloud Buddies! 

This week, we learned that the BFG is 24 ft. tall, and the other giants are an average of 54 ft. tall. We used our number grid strategies to figure out that the other giants are an average of 30 ft. taller than the BFG! We also learned that the average second grader is about 4 ft. tall, so we went out into the hallway to measure out how tall the BFG is, and then we figured out how much taller he would be than a second grader as well as how many second graders it would take to reach his height:

We discovered the BFG was 20 ft taller than the average second grader, and we also discovered it would take about 6 second graders to equal his height! (and that it would only take 4 Ms. Rileys :)

Afterwards, we got to do a Mystery Skype with our Global Read Aloud Buddies! We received their package and they received ours, and each of us got to ask the other class 5 questions to try and figure out which state they were from before opening up our community boxes. These were the questions we came up with:

  • Are you in the north or the south?
  • Are you in the east or the west?
  • Is it always warm where you are or does it snow?
  • Does your state touch the ocean?
  • What letter does your state start with?

After hearing their answers, we were able to figure out they were in........TEXAS!!!! They guessed we were in New York, which was very close! 

Once we knew where our buddies were from, we opened their package to find all of the things that represented their community: a Texas state flag, a mini ten-gallon hat, a Texas Blue Bonnet, and a homecoming badge for their homecoming celebration this week!

After opening our packages, we talked with our buddies about The BFG and asked each other some questions about the book. It was so cool to chat with them from all the way across the country! 

...and Fluffy Jr. is LOVING the hat :)

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