Tuesday, September 20, 2016

You Can't Start A Fire Without A SPARK!

While we've had lots of small writing projects over the last few weeks, we really dove into writing this week with our small moment stories! When we think of the stories we have to tell, they usually occur within one small moment in time, but are full of feeling and detail--that's why we tell them! We thought of all of these memories that have "sparked" us to tell the story to others. We wrote these sparks down that we could later turn into full small moment "fires"! 

Before we began turning these sparks into fires, we shared our writing folders with our reading partners and told them about the stories behind our pictures. Afterwards, we were all full of inspiration to begin writing!

We've also begun sharing our work with one another at the end of Writer's Workshop to get feedback from our classmates. We are eager to stretch out our small moments with lots of detail over the next few weeks! 

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