Thursday, September 29, 2016

Science Explorations

This week, we had our first Science Talk. After a lot of brainstorming, we established our norms, which are:
  • We sit in our chairs in a circle in front of the whiteboard
  • We respect everyone's words, and while we don't need to raise our hand to share our thoughts or connect with someone else, one one voice can be speaking at a time
  • We can agree to disagree
  • We stay on topic

After we established our norms and played a counting game to help us practice only having one person talk at a time without raising hands (this would be an AWESOME game to play at dinner as a family!), we got to work with our first exploration. Our question we were exploring was

What do we think we know about magnets?

Many of us thought magnets could stick to other magnets, and some of us thought they could stick to anything that was metal. Some of us also thought magnets could work through objects if the object was thin enough (like paper.) After our discussion, we got to our exploration:

We noticed:
  • Some magnets had a N and S, which we think stands for North and South. North and South can stick together, but North and North can't and South and South can't
  • Magnets stuck to the whiteboard, our blue wall, our cookie jar lid, the wagon, scissors, and our metal buckets
  • Magnets would not stick to Ms. Riley's bracelet or earrings
  • Some magnets could work through our hands
  • the red and blue magnets would only stick together if you touched the red side to the blue side
  • you can make a compass point spin with a magnet
We will continue our exploration of magnets next week as we begin writing in our Science Notebooks!

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