Thursday, September 22, 2016

Note About The Parade

Hello SMS Families,
There seems to be some confusion about students participating in the Stratham community parade this Sunday, and we are writing to apologize for that confusion and to try and clear it up!
Not all staff members are participating in this voluntary event and students in need of supervision or support should have a parent/guardian with them. We want all interested students to be able to participate successfully; however, we want to make sure that expectations are clear for everyone involved.
  1. The parade is almost 2 miles long. Students who walk MUST be able to walk on their own, for 2 miles, without stopping, using a bathroom, or resting. We will be part of a large parade procession and will not be able to slow down or stop.
  2. From the time students arrive at 1:00, walk the parade, and return to the park on the buses provided by the parade, students are expected to be in charge of themselves. While the teachers and adults walking in the parade will support students, we cannot be in charge of every student’s behaviors and/or needs. The total time could be close to 3 hours.
  3. If your child wants to participate but will need support for these issues – behavior, walking 2 miles, etc – please walk with them as part of the SMS parade procession. This way you can support their needs throughout the parade.
 We are excited to participate in such an important community event, and we want everyone who is interested to participate successfully. We thank you, in advance, for your understanding of these expectations.

Take care and see you Sunday,
Tom Fosher & David Goldsmith

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