Thursday, September 15, 2016

Math Games

This week, we've been working on our fluency with our math facts. During math centers, we've played Fishing for 10 and Roll to 100

To play Fishing for 10, each group sorted their Top-It card decks so they only contained numbers 0-10. Then, each member of the group took 4 cards. Unlike regular Go Fish, the giraffes had to look for matches that added to 10-- for example, if someone wanted to find a "match" for their 7 card, they would need to find a 3 card, because 7+3=10. Each game contained 2 winners--the person who was first to find matches for all of their cards as well as the person with the most matches!

During Roll to 100, we used a giant 100s chart as well as some giant dice to race from 0 to 100. This is how we moved across the chart:
Roll a...
1= move 10 or 1
2= move 20 or 2
3= move 3
4=move 4
5=move 5
6=move 6

The first person to reach exactly 100 was the winner! Both Roll to 100 and Fishing for 10 are great games to play at home as a family to practice fluency with single digit math facts as well as to get better acquainted with adding multiples of 10. 

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