Friday, September 30, 2016

Marvin and The Moths Author Visit!

On Friday, authors Matthew Holm and Jonathan Follett came to visit the upper grades at SMS to share their new story Marvin and The Moths with us! We got to learn about their writing journeys as authors and illustrators, as well as their journey about lifelong friends. 

We learned that Matthew and Jonathan have had to work very hard to become writers, and even though they've both published lots of different stories (Matthew and his sister Jennifer also write the Baby Mouse and Squish series together!) they still have to edit and revise their stories and illustrations many, MANY times before they are published. 

Matthew illustrated a great picture for us based on suggestions from the audience of Baby Mouse snowboarding with one of the spiders from Marvin and The Moths! Afterwards, we were able to ask them some questions and some of us even got signed books! 

We also found out we can continue the fun of Marvin and The Moths in Maker Space! If you go  to the Marvin and The Moths website, you can download a program for a 3D printer for Abraham the Moth! We are going to ask Mr. G on Monday if we can program it into our 3D printer at school :)

Thank you again to Matthew and Jonathan for taking the time out of their busy schedule to come and visit us, and a special thanks to Water Street Books in Exeter for allowing us to order copies of the book (and for giving us an awesome school discount!). If you would like to buy a copy of Marvin and The Moths, head down to Water Street today!

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