Monday, September 26, 2016

Happy 242nd Birthday, Johnny Appleseed!

On Monday, we donned our pots and pans to celebrate Johnny Appleseed's 242nd Birthday! His real name was John Chapman, and he was born in Leominster, MA which is only 2 towns away from where Ms. Riley was born (over 200 years later, though!). We read lots of biographies and legends about him, and while some stories have become a bit exaggerated over time, her really did travel across the country planting apple trees to feed pioneer families, and he was a friend to both people and animals alike. We celebrated Johnny and his favorite fruit by traveling to all of the second grade classrooms, and concocting some tasty treats of our own.

Everybody brought apples to share, and we used our apples to create some delicious applesauce that we all got to sample at the end of the day. While we waited for it to cook, we went about our travels. Our first stop was in Mrs. Healy's Class, where we got to do some apple tasting and write some appleicious adjectives:

We got to taste three different kinds of apples and think of an adjective that described its taste. Many of us agreed that the Granny Smith apples were more sour, and the Pink Lady and Golden Delicious apples were sweet! 

Afterwards, we visited Mrs. Atherton to do some apple estimations and measuring. We couldn't believe how long the peels were! 

After snack, we headed down to the other second grade hallway to see Mr. Saltus, who did some apple experiments with us. We tested apples to see if they would sink or float. Even though some of the apples were heavier than the rocks we tested, they all floated, which made us wonder--do all fruit float?

Our last stop was with Ms. Donlon, who read us the story Ten Apples Up on Top by Dr. Seuss and reviewed our tens facts with a fun apple craft! 

After recess and lunch, we were back home in the giraffe class to create portraits of Johnny Appleseed and to learn more about the history of this legendary community helper. Using some of end of second grade/beginning of third grade math, we figured out Johnny Appleseed was 71 when he passed away, but he would have been 242 years old if he were still alive today!

Check out these amazing portraits of one of our favorite pioneers!

After we finished our drawings, Ms. Riley used a special tool (this tool is called a ricer because it can also be used to make rice!) to remove the skins from our apples and make our applesauce, which we all got to enjoy.  

We got to enjoy some regular apples, too! 

To further our celebration, many families and teachers (and even some classroom mascots!) sent in apple recipes they enjoy making, which we put together into a recipe book to share with everyone. 

Thank you to everyone for sending in apples and recipes to make our day a success, and may we all learn to spread and grow a little kindness like our friend Johnny Appleseed :) 

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