Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ever The Optimists

While we are continuing to learn about empathy and flexibility, this week we focused in on optimism. Optimism is the belief that no matter the obstacle, we have the power and possibility to overcome it.

We read lots of books together as a class that revolved around optimism, and Mr. Goldsmith came in to read us the story Miss Rumphius, which was about a woman who traveled around the world, and though she one day became unable to travel to faraway places, she set out to make her surroundings more beautiful by planting lupine seeds all around her town (she also reminded us of our friend Johnny Appleseed, who we will be celebrating next week!) 

one of the giraffes found an example of optimism on her fortune from her fortune cookie!
 We talked about how optimism is also about having hope that we will get better at things with time and effort. Even though we are only OK at some things, we are great at others and we can one day be great at the things we are only OK at if we practice. We wrote some OK poems based on the OK Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.


Towards the end of the week, we set about spreading some positivity by giving out smiles to others! We also added some examples of optimism to our Growth Mindset Tree 

Next week, we will focus in on resilience while we continue to work on seeing the glass as "half full" :)

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