Monday, August 29, 2016

Follow Our Blog!

Hello, Families!

Forms will be coming home tomorrow with more information about following our blog. Here are the steps to use in order to follow the blog:

1. Type your email address into the Follow By Email headline on the top right portion of the page and click Submit
2. A window from FeedBurner will open in your browser. Type in the text you see and click on Complete Subscription Request

3. When you've successfully submitted a request, the following window should pop up:

4. Go to the inbox of the email you've provided and you will see the following message. Click on the FeedBurner link to activate your subscription:

5. The following screen will appear when you've successfully activated your subscription:

After you complete your subscription, you will receive emails from me containing each blog post I submit. The blog provides students and families with an excellent opportunity to read about and reflect upon out classroom experiences, and it also provides some great resources to enhance the learning we do at school in your home. Please return the blog notice back to school by Wednesday, September 7th. 

Thank you for supporting our learning!

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