Thursday, June 2, 2016

How to Be A Pirate in Seven Easy Songs

It was finally time for our big pirate debut as we put on our play How to Be A Pirate in Seven Easy Songs for SMS and for our families! 


Even Fluffy was ready to perform! 

On Wednesday, we performed our dress rehearsal for grades K-3 as well as our 5th grade reading buddies. They loved singing along! 

We performed the song Shiver Me Timbers, and we performed Ahoy There and Party Me Hearty with all of the second graders 

On Thursday, we came back to school around 6:00 to get ready and we performed our big production for our friends and family at 6:30 in the cafe! 

All of the second grade classes did SUCH an amazing job singing their songs, reciting their lines, and dancing throughout the show! We are so proud of your fantastic performance! 

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