Sunday, May 15, 2016

SMS Garden Build Day and Celebration

This week, the SMS Garden became a reality! After months and months of planning, research, and fundraising by our PTO and our Garden Reps, the blue prints were set and the building began 

Volunteers from Timberland came out on Thursday during their Earth Day to build our beds, shed, fence, picnic tables, and benches! They worked with our 5th graders to begin the Rock Garden and Thank You Garden. We caught a glimpse of the action after lunch and we couldn't believe how much had been built since the start of the school day!

On Saturday, everyone in the SMS community was invited to help with the rest of the building and planting as well as to celebrate the completion of the garden in the afternoon. Ms. Riley and many of the past and present giraffes were there to lend a helping hand! 

After revealing the garden name SMS Wolves' Green Growing Lab and enjoying some sweet treats, we got to plant the seedlings that sprouted from our Plant A Seed Day seedlings

 There is still plenty of room in our garden beds, so we will be planing the seeds we've been growing in class next week! 

THANK YOU to all of the people who dedicated their time, knowledge, and resources towards making this garden. We are so fortunate to live in a community that is so supportive of our school and our learning, and we are going to be enhancing our learning with this incredible resource for years to come! 

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