Thursday, May 5, 2016

Silver Dollar Word Search

This week, we've been working on "showing" in our poems rather than "telling", so we've been on the hunt for "Silver Dollar" words that will add lots of detail to our poems.

Ms. Riley's former teacher Ms, Aldrich has done a lot of traveling, and in her travels she found dozens of interesting shells, rocks, and pieces of coral from all over the world! She gave lots of these shells to Ms. Riley to use in her classroom, so we started our search by writing down all the words we could think of to describe the items in this very cool collection. 

We looked, felt, smelled, and even listened to the different shells, rocks, and coral and rotated to each of the tables to write down the silver dollar words that came to mind

We've also been able to find some descriptive words to use with our plants in class--check out our greenhouse beanstalks!

We used lots of these great descriptive words in our Many Color Days-inspired poems, which we will turn into books! 

At the end of the month, we invite our friends and family to join us on May 24th at 12:45 pm for a Sidewalk Shel-ebration! Weather permitting, we will be outside publishing our poems "where the sidewalk ends" using chalk and we will also be reciting some Shel Silverstein poems as well as poems we've written ourselves! We will debut the second annual Giraffe Book of Poetry. We hope to see you there! 

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