Thursday, April 7, 2016

Surprise Visitors and More Measuring Madness!

On Thursday, we were beginning to get our room ready for the wax museum when we were visited by The Dot Fairy and Father Folktale! Both knew lots and lots about fairy tales and folk tales, and they told us a bit about the characters we were about to become and how their stories began!

After Father Folktale left to find The Dot Fairy, we got to measuring our wax museum portraits before hanging them up around the room. We measured their torsos, waists, necks, wrists, ankles, legs, arms, and heights! We did all of our measuring in inches using measuring tapes.

We recorded our measurements and began to think about how our measurements were different from the measurements we've already begun to do on ourselves. Next week, we will do a bit more measuring and compare all of our results!

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