Thursday, April 21, 2016

Series Book Clubs

We've all been working hard in our Series Book Clubs during Reader's Workshop! This week, we focused on thinking about our character across the books in their series and paying close attention to changes in our characters as well as noticing what causes our characters to change. 

Junie B. Jones seems to always get worked up about something. She is also a little boy-crazy, but she doesn't know what to do when a boy seems to be interested in her! 

Nate The Great is an excellent detective, but different cases require him to solve them in different ways, sometimes with the help of others.

Katie Woo is usually a good friend, but sometimes she is more tempted by what she wants rather than thinking about others. 

Flat Stanley helps lots of people in his first story, but in the following stories he only helps a few people at a time and goes on lots and lots of adventures. 

Cam Jansen, similar to Nate The Great, is great at solving mysteries, but sometimes she too needs help from her friends to solve trickier cases. 

We will continue with our book clubs after vacation, and we are all excited to read more about our characters' adventures! 

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