Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our Second Annual Fairy Tale Wax Museum

After weeks and weeks of reading many, MANY fairy tales, working on our storytelling skills, studying our characters, and creating (and growing!) all of our materials, it was finally time to open the drawbridge for our Fairy Tale Wax Museum

Our portraits were hung around the room, and as soon as we got to school, we finished getting ready and got into our spots so our friends and family could experience the wax museum.


All week long, Ms. Riley told the giraffes we would have a new student join us for the day on Friday because he would be moving to Stratham over the summer and wanted to visit for the day--little did they know that new student was actually her brother, who acted as Jack's Giant for the day :)

After a quick snack break, it was time for even more visitors from all over SMS!

After transforming back into the giraffe class and going outside for some extra recess, we FINISHED The Land of Stories(!) and we began to watch a version of Cinderella that combined all of the storytelling aspects we learned about in Reader's Workshop: songs, sound effects, movement, and silly voices! 

Our Fairy Tale Wax Museum was such a success, thanks to the support of our families, all of our time and effort, and eighteen amazingly talented and hard-working giraffes :)

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