Saturday, April 2, 2016

Measuring Madness!

We began to really dive into measuring this week, as we started to make all sorts of measurements! 

We began by making  a list of personal references that we could look to when estimating different lengths. We worked with our table groups to find objects around our classroom that were about 1 inch,  1 foot, 1 yard, 1 centimeter, 1 decimeter, or 1 meter. While we discovered inch and foot-long objects were slightly larger than objects that were 1 centimeter or 1 decimeter, objects that were 1 yard long were slightly shorter than objects that were 1 centimeter. We used rulers and meter sticks to do our measuring. 

1 inch =2.54 centimeters
12 inches= 1 foot
10 centimeters=1 decimeter
12 inches= 3 feet= 1 yard
100 centimeters= 10 decimeters= 1 meter

we even used our place value knowledge to figure out that one kilometer equals 100,000 centimeters!

Later in the week, we did some measuring on ourselves using measuring tapes. We measured our heights, the lengths of our legs, arms, and hands, the circumference around our heads, and more! 

On Friday, we did some estimating using our new measuring knowledge. We worked with a partner and decided on three distances we would measure within our classroom. After we made our estimations, we measured the distances in yards using our measuring tapes. 

We will continue to do some measuring next week with our fairy tale characters as we prepare for the Wax Museum! 

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