Saturday, April 23, 2016

Jump Rope for Heart

In addition to celebrating Earth Day on Friday, we also participated in our annual Jump Rope for Heart celebration! We took turns jumping rope, hula hooping, hopping over cones, and playing games to raise awareness for the American Heart Association and to encourage all of us to get moving! 

When it wasn't our turn to be jump roping, we were busting out our best dance moves! 

This giraffe made a class record of over 100 jumps on the long jump rope! 

After lots and LOTS of jumping and fun, we relaxed with some popsicles and a very silly game of telephone :) 

We were so glad the rain held off and we were able to start our vacation with a bang! I hope all of the giraffes and their families have a wonderful vacation. Make sure you get outside and PLAY!!! 

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