Friday, April 15, 2016

Great Estimations

This week, we took our measuring skills outside to complete our biggest measuring challenge yet--the FIELD!

We tied a piece of yarn to the fence beside the playground. Before taking our yarn across the field, we estimated in yards how long we thought the field might be. Our estimations ranged from 51 yards to 1,100 yards, but many of us estimated it would be around 100-150 yards. 

We each took turns pulling the yarn across the field while the rest of us followed and frolicked in the beautiful spring weather 

When we finally reached the other side, we cut the yarn from the yarn ball and then cut our giant piece of yarn into smaller pieces that each of us took back to the classroom and measured. 

Once we measured our pieces of yarn in feet, we added the lengths of our yarn pieces to the lengths measured by our table mates, and afterwards we added those 5 numbers together for a grand total of 414 ft!

Since we know 100 yards= 300 feet, we knew many of our estimations were not too far off! We even did some dividing (watch out, 3rd and 4th grade!) and discovered the field was about 138 yards! And now, we are left wondering why the New England Patriots don't use our field to practice-- we would like to let them know they have an open invitation :)

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