Thursday, March 10, 2016

Planting Beanstalks and Enjoying The Outdoors

Wednesday was an absolutely beautiful day--much too beautiful to stay inside! We took our science outside and planted lima beans to grow beanstalks just like Jack's!

Before planting our lima beans, we soaked them in water to begin germination, or to help our beans begin growing their roots. We took a closer look at our beans as well as the sprouting grass around us using our magnifying glasses!

Afterwards, we each took turns filling our cups with a bit of soil, where we each planted 3 lima beans. When we were finished placing our seeds in the soil, we took a bit more soil to cover our seeds and gave them a drink of water.

We brought our beans inside and placed them on the windowsill. We placed a special stake in each of our cups so our beanstalks can take us on a giant castle adventure as well! 

While we were also able to enjoy our regular recess time, we went outside again that afternoon to soak up a bit more of that warm sunshine 

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