Friday, March 25, 2016

Hunting for Missing Addends

On Friday afternoon, we did a special kind of Easter Egg Hunt with missing addends

We split our class into 3 teams, while Ms. Riley hid eggs around our classroom. Each egg contained 1-9 base-ten blocks, and when Ms. Riley said "GO!" one person from each team set off to find the egg with the missing addend. 

When we found the egg with the correct number of blocks, we shouted "I caught the bunny!" and earned our team 1 point. 

After a few rounds, we were able to remember where certain number eggs were hiding, so it became a dash to get there first!

We had lots of fun on our hunt for the missing addends, and I wish luck to all of the giraffes who will be doing some egg hunts of their own this weekend! 

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