Monday, February 29, 2016

Matter with The Museum of Science!

Boston's Museum of Science traveled all the way to SMS on Monday to teach us more about changing states of matter. We experimented with lots of different materials, from liquid nitrogen to steam so hot it made flames!

We knew that liquid nitrogen was very cold, but we didn't know that it was boiling cold! One of the giraffes was called up as an audience volunteer to show how liquid nitrogen boils from its extreme cold temperatures by pouring it into a kettle 

We also got to see what happened when a balloon filled with glycerin and a balloon filled with water were placed in the liquid nitrogen. Not only did they change from a liquid to a solid, but they also changed their volume!

We got to see it change the properties of two bouncy balls, which lost their bounce when they were placed in the liquid nitrogen. They slowly regained their bounciness after they were given some time to thaw. We also saw that a rubber hose lost its elasticity when placed in the liquid nitrogen. If we tried to stretch it while frozen, it would break!

The liquid nitrogen also made balloons filled with air shrink as the gas particles inside huddled together in the extreme cold. As they warmed up, they expanded again. 

Afterwards, we heated things up with some extreme steam! We watched as tubes captured the steam from boiling water and the steam was heated by a blow torch, which made the steam so hot it caused a paper to catch fire!

We also got to see how the cold steam from the liquid nitrogen would fill a balloon when trapped. The POP made all of us jump!

We had a wonderful time experimenting with the experts from the Museum of Science. It was an awesome way to wrap up our study of matter! 

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