Friday, February 12, 2016

Hurray for Valentine's Day!

We celebrated Valentine's Day in a big way this week! 

We decorated envelopes to hold all of our awesome valentines from our friends and teachers. We also discovered they make excellent hats :) 

Before our celebration, we watched some dancing sweethearts in a quick science experiment! Last year, we tested the sweethearts in regular water and seltzer water, and this year we tested the sweethearts with soda and alka-seltzer tablets! 

We discovered the sweethearts "danced" much more in the soda than in the water with the alka-seltzer tablets

Finally, it was time for our celebration! Many of our family members joined us, and watched us perform several different Shel Silverstein poems to showcase our fluent reading skills! 



How Many, How Much?

In Love

The Romance
 After reciting our poems, it was time to pass out valentines, enjoy a few snacks, and have fun with our friends

Our friends made some pretty amazing valentines! 

We also got to test out this amazing giraffe costume one of our friends brought for our classroom! It was the perfect way to wrap up our valentine celebrations :) Thank you to everyone who donated their time, food, and supplies to making our day special.

Happy Valentine's Day! 

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