Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I Can Change The World With My Own Two Hands

We have been working hard on our display for Martin Luther King Jr. Day! We learned that Martin Luther King Jr. helped to change the world through his speeches and protests to help bring equality to the people of the United States. He wanted to put an end to segregation, which meant that people of different races could not work or go to school together. We wanted to show that while we are all unique, we can do lots together to change the world with our own two hands. 

We each traced our arms and created special designs inside of them, creating unique patterns and drawings that we traced over with crayons.

After we created and traced our designs, we painted over them with watercolors to finish our arms!

After carefully cutting out our creations, we put them together on a banner along with our painted hand prints, which hold ideas for how we can make the world a better place as well as the lyrics to Ben Harper's song With My Own Two Hands:

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