Saturday, January 9, 2016

Acting Out

We launched our latest reading unit this week, which is all about amping up our reading power! We learned a little jingle to help us remember what we need to do to read fluently and with lots of expression:

Make Your Reading Sing!
(to the tune of The Wheels on The Bus)

We read our books again and again, 

out loud and in our heads,

out loud and in our heads!

We read our books again and again,

to make our reading smoooooooooooth!

When we re-read our stories or parts of our stories, we notice clues that tell us how that part of the story wants to be read. When we see quotation marks, we know the story wants to be read in that character's voice. When we look after the quotation marks, we see how the character is saying those words. We can't always assume a character will be excited by the same things we are excited about! For example: "We are going sledding?" she exclaimed and "We are going sledding?" he whined are two very different feelings, so the same phrase has to be read in two very different ways. 

We practiced expressing these different emotions with our new reading partners! We had to act out feeling hyper, annoyed, angry, disappointed, nervous, excited, and shy, and the rest of the class had to guess which emotion we were showing!

We had a lot of fun expressing ourselves, and we sounded amazing when we were applying these emotions in our stories!

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