Thursday, December 3, 2015

Writing Like Scientists

This week, we began our newest writing unit where we get to write like scientists! All week long, we've been learning, experimenting, and writing about the states of matter. We learned that matter is any physical substance, and it can either be a solid, a liquid, or a gas. Matter can change its state through heating or cooling!

 We talked about how scientists ask questions and come up with experiments to test those questions. On Tuesday, we explored the question "Which solids can float?" and we came up with an experiment to test 5 different objects in water. We stuck to our procedure and recorded our results and conclusions. 

On Wednesday, we learned that scientists often do the same experiment several times and change parts of their experiment (variables) to collect more data. Instead of testing objects as a class, we tested objects as table groups and recorded our results.

After we finished testing our new objects, we talked about what questions we were still wondering about our experiment:

  • Could more objects float if we added soap to the water?
  • Would our results change if we changed the liquid we tested them in?
  • Can liquids float in liquids?
  • Why do certain objects float?
  • Why can certain objects sink and float?
We also talked about what the particles look like in a solid, liquid, and a gas, and how those particles move. 

We loved demonstrating what these particles look like as a class, especially the solids! 

Next week, we will continue to test and experiment with matter and continue writing like scientists! 

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