Sunday, December 6, 2015

What Time Is It?

This week in math, we have been working very hard on telling time. We talked about the two types of clocks: digital (which lists the hour and the minute) and analog (a round clock with an hour hand and a minute hand that point to the time) . 

While many of us have digital clocks on our many devices and around our home, we talked about how many public places like our school, the library, and stores usually have an analog clock, so it is important to learn how to tell time on an analog clock.

On an analog clock, the shorter hand is the hour hand and the longer hand is the minute hand. When reading the hour, we either look to the number the hour hand is pointing to or to the number that is just to the left of the hour hand when it is in between numbers. When reading the minutes, we look at the number the minute hand is pointing to and count by fives from 1 until we reach that number. For example, we would count the minutes on the clock above by starting at 1 (5 minutes) and counting by fives until we reach the 11 (55 minutes). 

This clock is showing us that it is 5:30!

We also learned that each time happens twice a day: once at the am time and once at the pm time. All times between midnight (12:00 am) and noon (12:00 pm) are am times and all the times from noon to midnight are pm times. So, am is early morning and morning and pm is afternoon and night time.

We played some really fun math games on the smart board to help us practice telling time as well as learning which times are am and pm times. You can play these games at home by clicking here:

Challenge your family members to see who can tell time the fastest!

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