Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Gingerbread Saga Continues...

We've had gingerbread on the mind ever since our little cookie friends joined us in our classroom! While we've been busy spotting them each day in their different hiding places, we've also been reading all sorts of gingerbread stories and creating some gingerbreads of ourselves! 

Somebody got into our gingerbread house candy a little early...

Poor Glinda got stuck on the word wall!

While our friends were having lots of fun hiding all around our classroom, we were creating Gingerbread Glyphs of ourselves!

We've also been keeping track of all the gingerbread stories we've been reading on a Gingerbread Story House in the hallway, which is right across from the Second Grade Gingerbread House we created along with 2H and 2A! 

When we came into school on the last day before our Holiday Break, we found a book left to us from our gingerbread cookies, which lead us on a QR Code Scavenger Hunt all around SMS! 

When we were finally lead back to our classroom, our gingerbread friends were already gone, but they left us a bag of goodies for our classroom! They wanted to thank us for all of the kind things they saw us doing for others, so they got us all sorts of fun games for free time and indoor recess! 

Thank you to our gingerbread friends for all of the fun (and mischief) you brought to our classroom in the Twelve School Days Before Holiday Break! Watch out for that sneaky fox!! 

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