Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sink or Float: Liquidized!

As we have been experimenting with matter and which solids can sink or float within a liquid, we used our data to ask more questions that we could investigate. We were wondering: can other liquids also sink or float in water?

We created an experiment to test our question. We tested 5 liquids along with water and predicted what would happen when they were poured into the same container. The first liquid we added was honey, followed by karo syrup (which we dyed red). At each of our tables, we poured about 5 ml of each liquid into a graduated cylinder

After adding the honey and the karo syrup, we added in some dish soap followed by water, which we dyed green. 

After the dish soap and water were added, we also added canola oil and some rubbing alcohol (which was dyed purple). 

Everyone's cylinders looked a bit different, but we definitely noticed liquids like the honey and the karo syrup stayed below the water and other liquids like the oil and rubbing alcohol stayed on top! We talked about why we thought certain liquids sank or floated, and we noticed the liquids that sank were much harder to pour than the liquids that floated. We also noticed that some of the liquids mixed together, like the water and the dish soap! It was great to be able to take our sinking and floating experiment to the next level, and now we are wondering which other liquids we could test. The possibilities are endless!

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