Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How Does Matter Change?

On Monday, we explored the question: "How does matter change?" We were each given a Starburst, which we all agreed was a solid, and we each came up with our own experiment to try and change the Starburst. Some of us decided to roll the Starburst in our hands, while others decided to put the Starburst in warm water for a certain amount of time, and some decided to simply stomp on the Starburst with their feet!

the rolled Starburst acted like Silly Putty!

the stomped Starburst got very soft and flat

The Starburst in warm water began to get soft and dissolve into a liquid

In all of our experiments, we discovered we were able to change the solid through heat or strong force! This is exactly how matter changes from solids to liquids to gasses. 

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