Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gingerbread Chaos!

On Monday Night, Ms. Riley was baking gingerbread cookies for the holiday with her friend Cynthia. When Ms. Riley opened the oven door a bit too early to check on them, 4 of the cookies hopped right off of the cookie sheet, jumped out of the oven, and headed for the door!

Ms. Riley thought they were gone for good, but they hitched a ride to school in her car and now they are running around our classroom! They will be hiding in different spots all around our classroom until it is time for our holiday break. This is where they were hiding today--who knows what sort of mischief they'll be up do over the next few weeks!

Every morning, we will look for the gingerbread cookies in their new hiding spots. But we are only looking with our eyes, we don't want them to lose any of their magic!

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