Monday, December 21, 2015

Coins Coins Coins!

On Monday, one of the giraffe alumni came back to 2R to teach us a bit about coins. He began collecting coins himself, and in turn has learned even more about coins than Ms. Riley even knew! Since we've been working hard all year to learn about coins and count change, Ms. Riley invited him back to 2R to share his knowledge with us:

We got to see some pictures of the coins in his collection as well as some actual coins he thought we would find very interesting, such as the NH State quarter! He explained to us that all money is made in a mint. The U.S has mints in Philadelphia, Denver, West Point, and San Francisco.  Many coins have the first letter of the city they were minted in stamped under the year in which they were made:

He told us he only recently began collecting coins, and already he has found a penny that dates back to 1907-- that means it is 108 years old! He did a wonderful job teaching us about coins and giving us tips on how we could start our own collection. 

Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!! 

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