Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkey Trot

The Giraffe class has been filled with all sorts of Turkey fun over the past week! Not only did we bring in the rest of our disguised Tom and Tina Turkeys, but we also made coffee filter turkeys to go with our Thanksgiving Poems as well as some paper tube turkeys with our 5D Reading Buddies!

Here are some more of the Tom and Tina Turkeys that came in last week! I mean...turkeys? No turkeys here....

These are all the disguises created by the Giraffes, Owls, and Kangaroos! 

It was so fun and easy making our tie-dye coffee filter feathers for our Thankful Turkeys! All we had to do was color the filters with markers and spray them with water. We loved watching the colors disperse throughout the filter! 

To write our Thankful Poems, we thought about who we were thankful for, what we were thankful for, where we were thankful for, and why we were thankful. We then traced our feet to make the rest of our turkeys and added some eyes, a beak, and a waddle! Here are some of the beautiful turkeys and poems we created:

This week, we headed up to 5D to make some Paper Tube Turkeys with our Reading Buddies! It was really neat to see how you could make a turkey out of a paper tube and just a few snips!

We also really enjoyed checking out their Thankful trees that they made. What an awesome idea!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the friends and family of the Giraffe Class! Giraffes, I am so thankful to be your teacher. To have the opportunity to help you grow and learn every day is truly a dream come true. Thank you for bringing me so much happiness through our smiles, laughs, and for just being you :) 

Love Always,

Ms. Riley

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  1. We are thankful for Ms. Riley❤️