Sunday, November 15, 2015

Subtraction Strategies

In math, we've been focusing on subtraction and the strategies we use when subtracting. 

This week, much of our focus has been on counting up and counting back on a number line or number grid as well as continuing to work with fact family triangles. If we know an addition fact and its turn around fact for a set of three numbers, we will also know the subtraction facts for those numbers as well! 

We also learned a new math game to play with our Top-It cards called Salute! This game involves three players. One player acts as the dealer while the other two players each take a card. The dealer counts, “1,2,3, Salute!” As they say, “Salute!” the 2 players bring their cards to their foreheads, without looking at it, in a kind of salute.

Then, the two players look at one another’s foreheads as Player 3 adds or subtracts the numbers. Player 3 says, “The sum is ___” or “The difference is ___”. (This is great for that vocabulary that kids don’t otherwise get.) Then the two players try to be the first to guess their own number by adding or subtracting the other player’s number from/to the sum or difference. If they do it correctly, they take the other player’s card and the process repeats. The winner is the one with the most cards at the end. That player can then become Player 3. This would be a great game to play at home using a deck of playing cards!

In the spirit of fact families and Thanksgiving, we also made these awesome fact family turkeys!  It was a fun way to end our week in math.

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