Thursday, November 12, 2015

Knuffle Giraffe: An Educational Tale by 2R

This week, we worked on converting our black and white photos of Stratham into our Mo Willems-inspired illustrations for our Knuffle Giraffe class book! 

We talked a lot about perspective when drawing our pictures. Once we decided on where we wanted to place ourselves in our picture, we talked about how big our illustrated selves should be and we also talked about what we should be doing in our pictures. Some of our characters are posing with some of their favorite places, while others are opening doors, jumping in leaves, and sliding on the playground! 

We also worked on writing short narratives about our illustrations, where we talked about the places in our photographs and what we like to do there, which Ms. Riley has typed up to add to our book. Here are a few pages of our story:

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