Thursday, November 12, 2015

Diwali--The Festival of Lights!

This week, our Mystery Reader shared a very special holiday with us called Diwali!

 Diwali is a festival of lights that is celebrated all around the world, marking the beginning of the Hindu New Year. The holiday always falls on a night with a new moon, as those who celebrate light up the world with diyas (oil lamps), colorful rangoli designs, fireworks, and lights all around their homes. Many of the giraffes had never heard of this holiday and we were fascinated to learn about the origin of the holiday and how it is celebrated. 

After our Mystery Reader told us the story behind Diwali and read us a story about how Diwali is celebrated, he showed us pictures of Diwali celebrations from all over the world! This is a picture of Diwali night in India. The whole country is lit up from all of the lamps, lights, and fireworks! 


Our Mystery Reader also brought us some beautiful diya and rangoli designs for us to color. The rangoli designs are meant to be put outside of one's door to bring them wealth and prosperity in the new year. 

Our Mystery Reader also shared some pictures from their family's Diwali celebrations! We hope they have enjoyed and continue to enjoy this Festival of Lights along with all of the other families celebrating around the world.Thank you for sharing this wonderful holiday with us!

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