Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Community Visitors Galore!

Over the last few weeks, we have had lots of visitors from our community come in to to tell as about all they do to support our town of Stratham

On November 17th,  Chief Scippa came to visit us from the Stratham Police Department. He told us about all that he and his men and women do to keep our community safe. Many of the giraffes were wondering why police officers respond to calls requiring the fire department or an ambulance, and we learned they are the first responders because they are on patrol and can usually get to the scene the fastest! From there, they do everything they can do to help before the fireman or EMTs arrive.

Chief Scippa told us that we should all be positive members of our community, and police officers help to keep our community safe by enforcing the law and rewarding people who are obeying the law. Fun Fact: if any of the SMS Wolves are seen riding their bikes, scooters, or skateboards with a helmet, they will get a ticket for a free ice cream at the Wright Place!

On November 19th, Mr. Goodrich came in to share some of the history of Stratham with us. Mr. Goodrich grew up in Stratham and told us lots about what the town and schools were like way back when. 

Originally, there were several very small elementary schools in Stratham before the built one Stratham Memorial School. The original SMS got to be a bit too small for the number of families moving into town, so they built another SMS across town, where our school is today (The old SMS is now home to our Town Offices and the Wiggin Memorial Library!). While it was very cool to see some of the artifacts Mr. Goodrich brought in as well as to hear what it was like to be in school back then, we are happy to be going to school in 2015! 

On November 23rd, Mr. Scamman came in to tell as about all that he and his family do for our community through Scamman Farm

Mr. Scamman and his family have owned the farm since the 1970s and their land has been used as a farm for hundreds of years! It has been an apple orchard, a dairy farm, and is now used for growing hay, corn, vegetables, and to raise small animals such as pigs. chickens, and goats. They also bring lots of fun and excitement to our community through their hay rides and giant corn maze! Originally, farmers floated their produce down the Squamscott River to Portsmouth, where they would sell their goods. Now, the Scammans have their own farm stand where customers can buy their produce and they also distribute their produce to local vendors, such as On The Vine in Exeter. The Scammans have also put forth a lot of conservation efforts into this town, protecting much of their land so it can continue to be used for farming (and not for building) for years to come. 

On November 24th, Post Master Suzanne and Postal Clerk Nancy came to see us and tell us about all they do at the Stratham Post Office

Nancy starts her day at 4 am getting packages off of delivery trucks and continues to get mail and packages delivered to the post office every hour. When she is not getting mail off the trucks, she is helping customers buy stamps and pick up and send off letters and packages all around the world! Some of these packages even include live animals such as chicks, tadpoles, and even doves! There are 7 delivery trucks, and the mail carriers who drive them to deliver the mail know mostly everyone from their route. Because they know their route so well, when someone has a piece of mail coming their way with an incorrect address, chances are one of the carriers will know where to send it to! We also learned that our postal zip code is 03885 (038- means we are in the NH seacoast area and the -85 means we are in the town of Stratham). Nancy and Suzanne will be quite busy in the coming weeks delivering packages and sending letters for the holidays! (Fun fact: Ms. Riley's Papa was a mail carrier for over 30 years in the City of Worcester!)

Thank you to all of the special guests who came in to speak with us about your role in our wonderful community of Stratham! We so appreciate you helping us learn more about the town we live in. 

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